How it all Started...

You think moving from a plush, high (as in 17 stories high) office job in Oregon to the Alaska wilderness is easy? Good thing I was young, in love, had no children yet, and wanted an adventure! I live on a remote island during the summers while our family commercial fishes. No electricity, no running water, NO INTERNET!

Going from someone who hated sports fishing to a commercial fisherman was a real change, let me tell ya. As I learned more about healthy eating, it became my quest to figure out how to keep these better foods in our diet while living remotely, unable to really grow or keep fresh produce the entire summer.

Throughout the years I learned the benefits of raw foods, soaking and sprouting grains, healthy fats and fermenting vegetables. Though I strive to garden, my efforts are, in a word, pitiful. Despite numerous obstacles, though, I was finally able to grow a garden couple items at the fishsite.

My first mistake was to try to fertilize the soil using the best available source, our fish. After the foxes turned my beautiful garden into a rototillered wasteland... I have learned to live with the environment. Now I supply fresh vegetables lettuce and strawberries, which would otherwise be nearly impossible to attain over there.

We do live on the mainland for most of the year, so there is access to electricity and running water, (No outhouse for me in Alaska in the winter, thank you!) and internet.